How To Make Mountain Bike Handlebars Higher?

An Allen Key will be required in order to make the necessary modifications to the handlebar’s height. Remove the long bolt from the stem cap using the Allen Key in order to elevate the handlebars to the appropriate height before continuing. Once the handlebars have been removed from your mountain bike, attach spacers to the main tube of the bike.

The first and most straightforward method of adjusting handlebar height is to move the headset spacers. In addition to sitting on the fork’s steerer tube, headset spacers aid in the pre-loading of the headset bearings during adjustments. Headset spacers that can be adjusted freely above and below the stem are standard on most bikes, with most having 20 to 30mm available.

How to adjust handlebars on a mountain bike?

If your bike is equipped with a quill stem, you may modify the height of the stem to ensure that your handlebars are correctly positioned.To begin, loosen the bolt at the top of the stem, which is positioned at the base of the stem.You should now be able to adjust the stem; however, if this is not the case, merely smash the bolt with a hammer until it becomes loose.After that, you may alter the height of the quill stem to your liking.

How can I raise the height of my handlebar?

The addition of a spacer will boost the position and height of the handlebars immediately. If you’re not sure where your headset spacers are, they’re located on the steerer tube of your fork. Nowadays, it is normal for bicycles to have headset spacers ranging from 20 to 30mm in length.

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What happens if your handlebars are too high on a bike?

The downside of raising your handlebars too high is that it may make turning your bike more difficult. It’s impossible to lean forward if your handlebars are too high, which might result in saddle ache and back pain. Reduce the height of your handlebars to get a more aerodynamic position.

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