How Many Calories Per Hour On A Bike?

Bicycling will burn between 400 and 800 calories per hour for the typical person. The number of calories burned while cycling will vary depending on your weight, the distance traveled and the speed at which you cycle, as well as the type and level of terrain you ride on.

What is the calorie expenditure of cycling? Cycling burns between 450 and 750 calories per hour on average for the average individual. The quantity of calories you burn when bicycling is determined by your weight, your cycling pace, and the amount of time you spend pedaling.

How many calories does a 125 pound person burn on stationary cycling?

A person weighing 125 pounds can shed 327 calories in the same way. Comparatively, the calories burned walking on an incline treadmill at 3mph will be 85 calories, and the calories burnt running on an incline treadmill at 3.5mph will be 198 calories in 30 minutes. Obviously, the number of calories burnt when stationary cycling is dependent on the rider’s weight, wattage, and time.

How many calories does 70 kg individual on stationary bike for 60 minutes?

An individual weighing 70 kg who rides a stationary bike for 60 minutes expends the following energy: 70 kg body weight multiplied by 7 METs multiplied by 60 minutes divided by 60 minutes Equals 490.0 Kcal. The amount in METs for riding a stationary bike is seven. Please provide a link to this page on your website!

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