Where To Buy Bike Box? (TOP 5 Tips)

Where can you buy bicycle boxes?

  • The easiest way to get a bicycle-specific box is to go to your your local bike shop and ask for one that will fit your bike. Most shops have extra boxes sitting around that they’ll give you for free, and they might even give you some padding and accessories like a fork block or extra cardboard if you’re a good customer.

Does USPS have bike boxes?

USPS will NOT ship a complete bike, you have to ship the frame and wheels in different boxes.

Do airlines sell bike boxes?

In the United States many airlines are becoming increasingly bike-friendly. As of 2021 Alaska Air, Delta, and American Airlines all allow bike boxes for the price of a regular checked bag (usually around $30). United still hasn’t joined the club; beware their $200 fee!

What size is a bicycle shipping box?

As a rough guide, most of them are around 54″ x 8″ x 29″, but it varies. Carriers have certain regulations for their bicycle boxes, so if you’re looking for the cheapest way to ship your ride you’ve come to the right place.

How do you get the BikeFlights box?

We offer sturdy cardboard and corrugated plastic bicycle shipping boxes for sale in our BikeFlights.com store. Order them online, and we’ll ship the box directly to your location.

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How much is a bike box?

Most bike boxes will be made of cardboard. You can purchase your own bike box from almost any shipping company. FedEx, for instance, sells theirs for $24.99.

What is the cheapest way to ship a bicycle?

The best, cheapest way to ship BIKES is FedEx Ground 3-Day. You can ship a bike box with bike plus maybe 30 lbs of luggage, etc., for about *$45* across the USA. As for SKIS, there’s only one way to go: USPS Priority. You can ship skis across the US for about $10-25 this way.

Can I ship my bicycle on a plane?

If you are traveling by plane and want to take your bicycle along, you’ll need to check the requirements for the different airlines. Most airlines allow you to ship your bicycle as baggage for an additional fee. As long as you pack your bicycle properly, taking it on an airline should not be a problem.

How long does it take to box a bike?

Packing Materials – Have plenty of packing materials (bubble wrap, foam, newspaper, string, packing tape) on hand to protect your bike and close the box up securely. 3. Patience – This may take a while. Give yourself a bare minimum of 3-4 hours to pack your bicycle into the box the first time you do it.

How is Bikeflights cheap?

Bicycles are expensive to ship. Because of that, Bikeflights.com realized they could offer lower prices if they had a high volume of bike shipments. We’ve shipped a number of bikes with Bikeflights.com over the years, and the pricing has always been quite reasonable – though the bikes were shipped via FedEx.

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How big is a MTB bike box?

Re: Typical Bike Box Dimensions Dimensions are 115cm long, 79cm high and 27cm wide.

Who uses BikeFlights?

Things have obviously changed substantially since those early days. UPS is now the world’s largest package delivery company operating in more than 200 countries world wide. Why does all of this matter for a bicycle related website? Because Bikeflights.com just announced that they are shipping through UPS.

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