How To Adjust Shocks On Mountain Bike? (Question)

  • To adjust the compression damping on air shocks, there is often a labeled dial or knob on the top of the fork and also a labeled dial somewhere on the rear shock if it has this feature. Some mountain bike forks and rear shocks have a lockout feature so the shock can turned off when it is not needed.

What is preload on a mountain bike?

The preload refers to the amount of sag the shock will allow when the bike is at rest with the rider’s weight bearing down on it. Determining the correct preload is important because if it’s too high, it takes more energy to move the shock and compress the springs, resulting in a harder and desensitized shock system.

How do I make my MTB suspension more poppy?

To make your fork feel more lively and “poppy” you will want to speed up the LS rebound by a click or two. If that’s still not doing the trick, try adding 5psi to the air side, and reducing the static sag by a few percent, to give it some extra oomph.

How do you calculate shock sagging?

% Sag = (Stroke Used) / (Total Stroke Length) * (100 %)

  1. The Stroke Used is the amount of suspension stroke used while you are on your bike in a static riding position.
  2. The Total Stroke Length is the length of the shock shaft that is available to be compressed.

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