How Much Travel Should A Trail Mountain Bike?

You’ll need a bike with around 100 mm of travel, and you may choose between a hardtail and a full-suspension bike for this. Do you enjoy trail riding? Anything in the range of 120 mm to 140 mm is OK. Enduro cyclists can ride any bike with 140 mm to 180 mm of travel, with 140 mm of travel appearing to be the least incompetent for this sport.

How much travel do trail bikes have?

Trail bikes often feature up to 140mm of suspension travel. Because they sit in the middle of the spectrum between more difficult DH rides and more cross-country-oriented rides, they provide somewhat greater suspension travel than a full-on XC bike while offering less suspension travel than more hardcore-oriented rides.

What is a good travel size for a mountain bike?

What I’d call an XC bike is anything below 100mm in height, while anything beyond 180mm is what I’d call a Freeride / DH bike, and everything in between is something else. Marshal: It all depends on where you are on the path. Short travel = 160 mm; long travel = 200 mm+. Very steep and protracted rough trail: short travel = 160 mm; long travel = 200 mm+.

How much fork travel do I need for my trail bike?

A trail bike’s feedback might be diminished if it has been subjected to excessive travel. We propose that a trail fork have 34mm stanchions at 130-140mm for a 29er – maybe up to 150mm for the smaller 27.5in wheel size – and that the fork be 130-140mm in length. It gets increasingly difficult to dial in the right amount of reactivity from your trail bike’s damper as the fork travel grows.

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How much suspension travel do you need for mountain biking?

  • Depending on your level of ability, riding style, and terrain, there is almost certainly an optimal amount of suspension travel for you.
  • Other specifications, including as geometry, wheels, and tires, are also important, although they are generally tuned to complement the suspension of a bike.
  • Most current mountain bikes will feature suspension travel ranging between 100mm and 170mm, depending on the model.

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