How Much Are Wayne State Bike Rentals Are?

Full Day (a period of 24 hours): $10.

Where is the bike rental stand located in the village?

In the heart of Yosemite Village, just next to the Village Store, is the Bike Rental Stand. The facility has been closed for the season. The facility has been closed for the season. *The facility has been closed for the season. Depending on the weather, the hours may change.

Can I rent a bike in Yosemite?

In order to maintain safety, rental bikes are not permitted on Mirror Lake Hill or the Lower Yosemite Falls Trail. When riding in groups, please keep to the right hand side of the route and ride single file. There is a limit of one rider per bicycle. Passengers, including infants, are not authorized. Rental bicycles must be returned at Yosemite Valley.

Is there a Baroudeur ride at Wayne State University in 2021?

We are sad to report that Wayne State University will not be hosting a Baroudeur ride in 2021, following much deliberation and discussion. As a result of the persistent uncertainties and health concerns surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to make this tough choice.

How do I get help with parking at Wayne State University?

Call 313-577-1979 for 24-hour Parking Assistance or Motorist Assistance, which provides battery jumps, car lockouts, and assistance in locating your vehicle, as well as help locating your vehicle. Parking and Transportation Services offers parking and transportation services to students, faculty, staff, and visitors to Wayne State University and its surrounding communities.

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