How Do I Tell What Speed My Bike Is?

To find out how many speeds are available, multiply the front gear number by the rear gear number.Using the previous example, if your bike has two front speeds and five rear gears, it is considered a 10-speed bike.A three-speed bike is defined as one with one front gear and three rear gears (or vice versa).If your bike has three forward speeds and nine reverse gears, it is referred to be a 27-speed bike.

What does speed mean on a bike?

Traditionally, the term ″speeds″ referred to the number of gear combinations that were possible. In the case of earlier bikes, this is the product of the number of sprockets included in the cassette (or on the freewheel) multiplied by the number of chainrings; for example, a bike with 5 sprocket in the rear and 2 chainrings is called a ’10 speed racer.’

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